About Us

Unemployment is today, a global phenomenon which has dealt serious blows on the economies of both developed and developing countries. In some of these countries, job shedding, downsizing and outright long walk to job searching are incredibly demeaning, leading to policies for the termination of jobs held by immigrants so that citizens can take them over, even as low as menial jobs.

Read on to see what we do and why we do what we do. You will also get to meet our world-class team.


To raise new generation leaders through entrepreneurship and self employment creation.


To clear off the streets, employable youths from the scourge of unemployment

Our Goal

To create 500,000 (in Nigeria) and 2 million (in Africa) direct and indirect jobs in the first 3 years.

Our Values

  1.  Innovative Entrepreneurship
  2. Empowerment
  3. Human Capacity Development
  4. Business Mentorship
  5. Fiscal Responsibility and networking

Unemployment in Africa

In Africa, unemployment is as high as 40% in some countries. For example, according to the World Bank, Nigeria ranks third on the poverty index in the world, after India and China. 7% of the world’s poor live in Nigeria. 69% of Nigeria’s population lives below the poverty line, according to the African Development Bank. 66% of the rural population lives below $1 per day. 41% of Nigerian children are stunted, 9% are wasted or thin and 23% are under weight.
Unemployment rate is as high as 30% with about 3 million people entering the labour market yearly from over 400 tertiary institutions. This unemployment problem was highlighted on March 25, 2014 when about 6.5 million people stormed various recruitment centres for about 4,000 vacancies. The resulting stampede led to about 20 deaths, yet Nigeria exports about 2 million barrels of oil daily and has the biggest economy in Africa.
Where does this staggering statistics on Nigeria as Africa’s biggest economy live the rest African countries? Your guess is as good as mine.

Unemployment is a social menace that must be resisted with zero tolerance. If not contained, ultimately creates a fertile ground for criminality and the breeding of criminals as these young Africans will have no alternative than to seek alternate, but illegal means of survival.

Our Solution

In view of the above misnomer, AFRICAN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE is born. AEEI is a Non-Governmental –Organization, NGO, whose vision is to clear off the streets, employable youths of Africa who are suffering from the scourge of unemployment through entrepreneurship.
It hopes to create 500,000 direct and indirect jobs in Nigeria and over 2 million jobs in Africa through economic integration programme for youth empowerment every 3 years. This by and large, will position Africa to take over global economy from the Asian tigers and as well zero out poverty. AEEI performs its herculean tasks through three expressions namely:
1. Conferences and seminars, for example; Nigeria investment and Economic Conference, NIAEC, through which it platforms empowerment and capacity – building trainings, seminars and conferences towards entrepreneurial skills amongst the youth.
2. Capacity building using Club 500 Business School. This is a school that applies a trimesterly congregating, flexible and distance learning strategy to equip young entrepreneurs.
3. International trade mission such as Nigeria and South Africa Bilateral Business Conference and Tours, NSABBCAT. This is the initiative’s International Trade Mission, an annual technology, trade and industry symposium.

Get Involved

You can join this crusade by partnering with us as any donation made towards this course will make our world a crime-free haven courtesy of youth empowerment.

Public–spirited individuals, Corporate Organizations, Companies and multinationals, All Tiers of Government, International and Local donor agencies would have us appeal to their conscience to donate. All donations are tax deductible.

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Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigeria’s unemployment rate jumped to 7.5 per cent in the first quarter of the year (Q1 2015) compared to 6.4 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2014. The budget moved from 4.8trn to 4.4trn as the population rises from 168 million in 2011 to 173 million in 2015.

What We Do

We are Business Incubators. We provide both emerging business owners with a vibrant and supportive community of peers and professionals.

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We are Business Accelerators. We provide funds, and mentorship needed to help entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses.

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We are a global Think Tank of business experts. We provide insight backed by data to guide investors and entrepreneurs.

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Why It’s Needed

54% of youth in Nigeria are unemployed. We need to create new businesses and build new business leaders that will create new jobs. The need is urgent.

25% of SMEs die within the first year after take-off. 71% of SMEs go out of extintion by the tenth year of commencement.

30% of Investments are wrongly advised. Misplacement of investments affects investor confidence. There is need to continually provide investors with actionable data.