Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES)

Due to the alarming rate of poverty in Africa occasioned by maladministration, misrule,illiteracy,the absence of Social Justice and ignorance, the human society has been bastardized and dehumanized to a whimpering wreck. This situation apparently created a leeway for all forms of criminality and social vices in the contemporary African Society.


Today, the World is adversely faced with humanitarian crises as a result of the neglect of the down trodden n our midst and injustice. The fact is that the earth will never know peace in the face of youth unemployment. The monstrous crimes against humanity such as armed robbery, human trafficking, baby factory, terrorism, kidnapping, even prostitution and youth restiveness are all caused by unemployment and poverty.

Too painful to recall is the illegal cross-border emigration leading to untold hardship and loss of productive lives of African youths in the deserts of North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea in their bid to search for greener pastures in  Europe.

On the second state of our project list is the Youth Empowerment Scheme which provides training and empowerment for youths of all strata’s (Artisans, Non graduates, Graduates and others).

By this, we fight and win the war against negative scourges that bedevil our society today.

Treat this as urgent and share from the joy of saving countless lives.

Your support and donation, not minding the amount will go a long way in realizing the project

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